You are looking at the best Bouncy Castle hire business in Canterbury.

So if you are holding a party, and there will be children running around, then hiring a Bouncy Castle from us is a good step towards a successful function.

About Our Bouncy Castles

It's an accepted fact that every good childrens party has a bouncy castle. It's an easy way to entertain the kids, and still have time to sit back and enjoy yourself.

Bouncy Castles from Go-Jump Bouncy Castle Hire are heavier commercial grade castles, and were purchased primarily to suit the home based party. However, because they are of a heavier grade, and have a versatile nature, they can be used for more than your kids birthday party.

  • Hire a Bouncy Castle for kids parties.
  • Hire a Bouncy Castle for promotions.
  • Hire a Bouncy Castle for work functions.
  • Hire a Bouncy Castle for fund raising events.
  • Hire a Bouncy Castle for Weddings
  • Hire a Bouncy Castle for Pre-school break ups and open days
  • Hire a Bouncy Castle for fun

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Promotional Hire - Skydancers

If you own, or manage a business, and you like the idea of bringing in more customers, then you need to find something that stands out.

Our sky dancers are real eyecatchers. They are bright, they move, they are fun, and they can be seen from way down the street. People just love them!

We have had amazing feedback from our customers, with some of our clients booking our skydancers for several weeks at a time. If you would like to discuss the benefits of these promotional tools, simply contact us.

  • Sky dancers are great for retail.
  • Any promotion that needs to be visible by people will benefit from our sky dancers.
  • If your promotions lack a certain flair, then you can beef them up with our sky dancers.
  • If you are located close to your competitors, then hiring one of our sky dancers will definitely help you be seen first!

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What Happens once I book a bouncy castle?

  • We contact you the day before the booking to arrange delivery.
  • We deliver and set up your bouncy castle.You relax while your kids have a good time on the bouncy castle.
  • We come back and pick up the bouncy castle at a pre-arranged time.